1934 Bottoms Up



BRIDE'S BLISS One pony of dry gin, one pony of Y el· low Chartreuse, a few dashes of vermouth and hazel mint, two or three dashes of maraschino. Shake and strain into cock· iail glass.

HOT SPRJNGS Three jiggers Rhine wine, two dashes maraschino, pony of pineapple juice, dash of orange bitters, ice and shake well.

I Part Dry Gin 1 Part Scotch 1 Part Dry Vermouth 1 Dash Angostura Bitters.

KNICKERBOCKER T \YO parts of rum, half a part each of orange and lemon juice, one dash of resp– berry syrup, one dash of pineapple syrup or one piece of pineapple, two or three dashes of Curacao. Shake with shaved ice and serve.

VERMOUTH COCKTAIL Fill mixing glass half full of shaved ice, two or three dashes of .Angostura Bitters, two dashes of orange bitters, two dashes of fruit syrup, one jigger of Italian ver, mouth. Mix or shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon peel after squeezing dash of lemon juice on top.

VERMOUTH FRAPPE Use a large bar glass. One and a half ponies of French vermouth, one-half glas.s of &haved ice, fill up with seltzer.

Whiskey Cobbler Mix in large bar glass I jigger Rye or Scotch I Teaspoon dissolved powdered sugar 1 Tablespoon pine- apple syrup I Da.h Maraschino 1 Slice orange

WIDOW .A mixing glass one·third full of fine ice, one pony of gin, one pony of Kummel, two dashes of Italian vermouth. ice, shake, and etrain.

Add shaved ice, stir well, dress with fresh fruits and serve with straws.


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