1934 Bottoms Up


HOT DIGGETY One jigger of Bacardi, one glass of hot milk, one egg-yolk, one teaspoonful of sugar, grated nutmeg, to taste. Beat egg a.nd sugar together briskly. Add the milk, and then the Bacardi and nutmeg, stirring continually to prevent curdling.

HOT MAMA! A mixing glass a third full of ice, two– thirds &otch, one-third French vermouth, one or two dashes of orange bitters, sweet.. en to taste with syrup. Mix and strain. Serve with olive.

1 Portion Rye 1 Dash Curacao I Dash Maraschino 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters 2 Da.,hes Absinthe (if desired)

HOT CHA' Half a pony of Scotch whiskey, half a pony of gin, half a pony of lime juice, few drops of orange juice, the yoke of an egg, sweet-en to taste. Ice and shake. Serve ~n a small tumbler.

OLD MAN RIVER One pony of Peter Dawson, one pony of Italian vermouth, two or three dash~ of orange bitters, one dash of ·Angostura. Ice, shake and strain.

OLD CRONIES' PUNCH One bottle of Golden Wedding Whis– key, one bottle of Claret, lemon peel, Sugar and boiling water to taste.

Y2 Rye V2 Italian Vennouth 1 Teaspoon Anisette 1 Twist orange peel

PINEAPPLE Two-thirds apple brandy, one,third pineapple juice, juice of half a lemon, few drops of orange juice, one or two dashes of maraschino or Curacao, sweeten to taste, Shake, using shaved ice.


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