1934 Bottoms Up



MILK AND SELTZER Use a medium sized bar glass, one-half gias.s of milk, fill balance with seltzer.

MULLED CLARET AND EGG Use a large bar glass. One tablespoon· ful of sugar, one dash of lemon juice, one• haH a teaspoonful of mixed spices, one and a half wineglasses of claret. Boil the above ingredients together, then beat to a batter the yolks of two eggs with a Lttle sugar added. Pour the wine over the eggs, stirring continually, grate a little nutmeg on top and serve. You must pour the w~e over the eggs, as it would spoil other• WIS<.

2 Parts Rye -1 Part Chartreuse

l Pan Dry Vermouth 1 Maraschino cherry

MILKMAID One pony dry gin, juice of half a Lme, one dash of sweet cream, one dash of Gren· adine. Shake well and strain into cock– tail glas containing sprig of fresh mint.

NEW ORLEANS FIZZ Uac a small tumbler, one white of egg, j uice of small or one-half large lemon, one lqcr of gin, sugar optional. Ice, shake 1wtl attain into glass. Fill with seltzer.

NEW LIFE 1/"4 Grand Marier-Y 4 Bacardi Yi Cointreau.

1 Portion Rye l Dash Claret 4 Teaspoons lime juice l Teaspoon powdered sugar Add cracked ice.


I•) Dry Vermouth 1·3 Italian Vermouth 1•3 Absinthe if desired. Frnppc.


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