1934 Bottoms Up


MARASCHINO. The marasca cherry is grown only on the coast of Dalmatia. From it we get this delicious l#quor.

KUMMEL is distilled from the caraway seed. A liquor conĀ· tributed to mankind by Russia and Germany.

0 JEN is named for that town in Spain. A cordial made from the anise seed. Plenty like absinthe.

ORGEAT. Blend sugar, orange flower, water and almonds and this succulent syrup is the result.

RUM we are told, derives its name from the Gypsy word "ram," meaning "good." It is a West Indian liquor distilled from fermented molasses or cane juice. International in satisfaction.

VERMOUTH is a liquor resulting from the union of white wine and aromatic herbs. There are two varieties. Italian, or sweet, and French, or dry. The German equivalent of "wormwood" is wermuth, from which the name is derived.

VODKA. A powerful Russian born from a harmless potato. Ciertain to pep up the most listless party.

WHISKEY means "Water of Life," from the Gaelic word uisgebeatha. Among the whiskies are Rye, from that grain; Irish and Scotch, from barley. Bourbon, is a high hat "com" liquor that's perfectly willing to be friendly.



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