1934 Bottoms Up


BIRD 2 twists of Orange Peel. Fill glass with shaved ice. Two-thirds Curacao, one• third Brandy. Yolk of I fresh egg l teaspoonful sugar syrup l wine glass of Whiskey Shake, strain and add some nutmeg.

BEWARE Dash of Orange Bitters y. Italian Vermouth y 4 Dry Vermouth Y2 Gin Sbce of Orange Peel.

1·3 Brandy 1·3 Curacao 1-l Dry gin 1 Dash lemon juice

BEST BET One jigger of dry gin, one pony of Creme Yvette, one pony of fresh cream, juice of hme or lemon, one teaspoonful of sugar. Ice, shake and strain.

COUPEREE Use a large soda glass one-third full of ice-cream, one and a half ponies of brandy, one pony of Curacao. Mix thoroughly and fill the glass nearly full of plain soda. Grate a little nutmeg on top and serve.



4 Creme de Menthe \4 Italian Vermouth Y2 Brand.

One pony of brandy. Teaspoon• ful of powdered suger. One fresh egg. One pony port wine. Shake well, serve with grated nutmeg and shaved ice.


1-3 Italian Vermouth l•3 Dry Vermouth 1-3 Applejack 1 dash Apricot Liqueur.

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