1934 Bottoms Up


SHANDYGAFF One·half old fashioned ginger beer (or ginger ale), one-half beer or equal parts of ale and ginger beer.

SEVENTH HEAVEN Tablespoon grape fruit juice Y 4 maraschino ¥.t gin.

2 Parts Brandy .. 1 Part lemon juice I Part Cointreau Add ice, shake well, and strain.

SHERRY AND EGG One egg well beaten, one wineglass of sherry. Shake well, strain into wineglaSIS.

CHOCOLATE One fresh egg brokep in mixing glass one-half full of shaved 'ice, one: jigger of port wine, one-half jigger of Cointreau, one teaspoonful of ground chocolate. Shake thoroughly and strain into cocktail glass.

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Dash of Orange Bitters Y 4 Gin Y 4 W hiskey Y 4 I talian Vermouth

1/ 4 Brandy Stir; strain.

Equal parts of Italian vermouth and rye whiskey, one dash of orange bitters, one dash of Angostura bitters, one or two te:a· spoonsful of lemon juice. Shake thoroughly and strain.


I·3 Dubonnet 2·3 Gin Dash of Lime Juice Fr.i.ppe.


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