1934 Cocktail Bill Boothby's World Drinks and how to mix them

The Hon.William T. Boothby His title was derived from a term in the California legislature,but his fame rests on his reputation as an autliority on the mixing of drinks and a nation-wide experience in the leading bars and hotels of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Cali fornia. "Cocktail" Bill Boothby was known in his day as a premier professional "mixologist" and it was his beloved hobby to collect outstanding mixed-drink recipes from all over the world. In 1891 he published "Cocktail Boothby's American Bartender," designed ior professional use, and for many years it was recognized as a standard authority. Many people, unconnected with the liquor business, eagerly purchased the book, which ran to three editions, totaling over 50,000 copies. When Boothby issued his fourth edition, in 1908, he changed the title to "The World's Drinks and How to Mix Them." Sales of the book to both professionals and amateurs continued until the ad vent of prohibition.Private demand for the work continued thereafter on an increasing scale and in 1930 an enlarged edition was completely sold out in a short time. The present edition is the culmination of over fifty years of re search, testing and experience, and the publishers present it with every confidence that it is the most authentic and complete work of its kind in existence.

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