1934 Irvin S Cobb's own Recipe Book

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WlllSKEY HIGHBALL: To 1 cube of ice add drink of any Frankfort Distilleries Rye, or Bourbon Whiskey and fill up with carbonated water. Add small piece of Lemon Peel if desired. The standard bevet'age of the Western World.

GINGER ALE HIGHBALL: Made as above, using any Frankfort Distilleries Rye or Bourbon Whiskey and using ginger ale instead of carbonated water. Personally, I dislike to see the taste of fine whiskey J111lied by ginger ale.

POKER HIGHBALL: Put three lumps of ice in each of four 24-oz. glasses. Divide a quart of Paul Jones or Four Roses Whiskey among the four glasses and fill with carbonated water. Many's the fl11sh I've caught on these.

• J U L E P S • The Mint Julep. is the most widely discussed and most debated recipe in the whole realm of mixed drinks. It is almost impossible to find two experts who agree on the way it should be made, and co recommend a certain method is inevitably to bring down on your head the wrath of some other julep school. However, may we say that these two recipes have proved exceedingly popular? 44

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