1934 Irvin S Cobb's own Recipe Book

and serve with straws. This drink was widely popular before Prohibition ; bnt died out drffing Volstead. It deserves a re-birth.

GIN DAISY: Same as Whiskey Daisy, using Paul Jones Four Scar Gin instead of Whiskey.

• F I X E S •

GIN FIX: 1 large teaspoon Powdered Sugar, juice of lh Lemon, 1 jigger · Water, 1 glass Paul Jones Four Scar Gin. Pour into highball glass filled cwo– chirds full of shaved ice, stir and decorate with fruit. These will fix you up in no time. WHISKEY FIX: 1 large teaspoon Powdered Sugar, dissolved in a litcle water, juice of lh Lemon, 1 glass Paul Jones or Four Roses Whiskey. Pour into highball glass, filled two-thirds full of shaved ice, stir and decorate with fruit. I prefer this to its gin brother, but try 'em BOTH and decide for yourself. Only don't try 'em both at the same sitting.

S L I N G S •

GIN SUNG: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Sugar in a little water, 1 jigger Paul Jones Four ?car Gin, 1 lump of Ice. Puc in highball glass and fill with either plain or carbonated water. If served hoc, use Pilsener beer glass and sprinkle Nutmeg on cop. I'm not ve1-y familiar with this as yet. I MUST catch up 011 my ba1· work! SINGAPORE SLING: Juice of 1Ji. Lemon, lh pony Paul Jones Four Scar Gin, 1 pony Cherry Brandy. Shake well with cracked ice, strain and fill with carbonated water. Use highball glass. This comes to us frnm a famous club in Singapore. Same as Gin Sl'ing, using Four Roses or Paul Jones Whiskey. If you're a b1·ed-in-the-barrel whiskey lover, I'm sure you'll prefer this number to its gin cousin. 48 WHISKEY SLING:

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