1934 Irvin S Cobb's own Recipe Book

Anyone can build a still. But not everyone can make good whiskey. For whiskey-making remains today, as it was fifty years ago, not so much a matter of equipment as of inherited knack. Into every bottle of Frankfort Whiskey goes four gen– erations of experience. The key-men in the Frankfort organization have not only grown up with Frankfort - in many cases, their daddies and grand-daddies worked for Frankfort before them. The yeast used is from the same master culture Frankfort has guarded for 50 years. The same old-fashioned method of making the whiskey is used. And every drop of whiskey is aged in the only way Frankfort believes fine whiskey can be aged - in charred oak barrels. Try a bottle of Frankfort Whiskey and you'll quickly discover the smoothness and old-fashioned flavor that such care and skill can give.

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