1934 The Masterly Touch

BACARDI *%* 2 jiggers Bacardi Rum juice 2 limes • o little sugar o littl.e Grenadine • crushed ice shake, strain a nd serve

C!!k(, ti .Aleed .9/Le.Je to J6a;

.9/Lele Wl'C !/&mJed wdh 'ifocklai~

BI J 0 U

pony Cin20110 Vermouth 1 d ash Orange Bitters 1 pony green Chartreuse 1 pony Conodo Dry's Gin o littl e ice • stir and serve

Cherries in creme de menrhe and mara– schino

For shaking cocktails

BRANDY *X* 1 dash Angosturo Bitters dash Canedo Dry's Gin • 1 jigger Brandy o little ice • stir and serve

Salted pistachio ker– nels

BR 0 NX *~*

for stirring cock1ails

jigger Ca9a Dry's Gin jigger Cinzo no Vermouth

juice ~ orange • small piece of ice stir and odd p iece of orange peel


Olives - unstuffed or filled with pimento, al– monds, or onions

lump sugar • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters twist of le mon peel fill with iced chompogne or The Chompogne of Ginger Al es

Footed cod.toil gloss


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