1934 The Masterly Touch

JACK ROSE tJ * juice 1 lime • l pony Grenodine 2 ponies opplejock • crushed ice shoke ond stroin *


lemons, limes, orangos

dosh Oronge Billers l jigger Cinzono Vermouth jigger Cedorbrook Whiskey • a lillle ice stir, strain, and serve with cherry N EW ORLE A NS % 1 dosh Orange Billers jigger C inzono Vermouth • o lillle ice shake, strain, and fill with Canoda Dry's Sparkling Water O LD - FASHIONED ** ~ ** Y. lump sugar o spoonful of Canada Dry's Sparkling Water 1 dosh Angosturo Billers • mash in gloss 1 lump of ice • 1 jigger Cedorbrock Whiskey odd Y. slice of lemon Y. slice of orange, a nd o moroschino cherry o small slice of fresh pineapple is also added 0* l pony orange juice pony Canada Dry's Gin pony Cinzano Vermouth • crushed ice shake ond serve ORANGE BLOSSOM *

l emon sQueezer

Conopes1 Anchovy

B1t1en shaker



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