1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

K>rolo0ue Every product which was first made over a hundred years ago hasin some way assisted in the making or marking ofhis tory. The Story of Angostura Bitters—internationally,and colloquially known as"Angostura"—takesusfrom the Battle of Waterloo to make interesting connection with General Bolivar, the debonair"Liberator of South America."

This is"the way"of it: Following their discharge, with honour, from the service in 1815 after their share at Waterloo against Napoleon I, Dr. Siegert, and two or three com panions,kindred spirits, were minded to try adventure further afield and ultimately decided on South America as the place for it. That was in

1820 when Bolivar was leading the revolutionary armies of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Attracted by the fight for freedom, the"adventurers," in various capacities, threw in their lot with Bolivar, who later appointed Dr. Siegert Surgeon-General of the Military Hospital at Guayana. A newcomer to the equatorial region. Dr. Siegert was unusually and professionally conscious of the enervating influence of the climate. He turned for a palliative to Nature's resources and made a scientific study of the abundant health-giving herbs and plants of the Tropics. Four years' research resulted in his origination in 1824 of a blend of aromatic and tonic bitters which he then named Aromatic Bitters,

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