1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Punches and Cups (contd.) the outside of the containing vessel and arrange colourful fruits, berries or leaves over the surface of the ice"surround." For a large party or reception it is advisable to place 3 or 4 Punch bowls in convenient positions and so avoid discomfort for your guests when the contents arc in general demand. Each bowl will, of course, be accompanied by a Punch ladle and a sufficient number of Punch glasses or cups and napkins. A reminder: Sugar or syrup can always be put in but not taken out. In mixing, therefore, it is best to sweeten progressively—according to taste. Individua." Portions of Punch It is not always desired that a Punch should be prepared in "bulk" or quantity. There are occasions when only one or two portions are required. There arc several simple recipes fot the quick preparation of this type of drink, and we give a selection of them on page i8.



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