1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)


When first circulating his discovery for use, by his patients, by his family and his immediate friends. Dr. Siegert litde knew how wide spread would become his fame. The Bitters soon acquired such favour among the public that he was en couraged to devote himself almost

en|^ely to the preparation of his compound. The fact that the initial demand was not created by any form of advertisement, but grew up and spread spon taneously from recommendation is a real proof of the fundamental value of Dr. Siegert's discovery. The Bitters were exported for the first time in 1830, when a shipment was made to the British island of Trinidad, and to England, and from that date organised manu?- facture may be said to have begun. Then it was that the"Aromatic"Bitters were renamed Angostura" Bitters, after the town of Angostura—- Dr. Siegert's headquarters at that time. It should be mentioned here that the name of the town Angostura was changed in 1846 by the Venezuelan Congress to that of Ciudad Bolivar.

In 1875 Dr. J. G. B. Siegert & Hijos, which Dr.Siegert had founded, transferred their operations to Trinidad on account ofthe unsettled politics,punctuated with revolutions, of Venezuela, and established a factory on British territory, having found—as the memorial tablet on the wall of their

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