1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)


Choice Serving Although each person must have individual preferences and ideas concerning wines, there are certain customs which are almost universally observed by those who proffer and those who take wines. We have endeavoured to convey these customs, together with some few general practical hints on wines, in such a way that will hold interest for the Connoisseur and be helpful to those who would know more of the accepted ways of general choice, care and serving. The treatment of this subject could be as extensive as the Lure of the Grape itself—consequently we have employed a condensed form in commenting upon the following leading features; -Care-


Where experience and knowledge of vintages does not warrant personal choice it is wiser to place reliance on the advice ofa reputed expert. Arising out ofthe nature oftheir calling,established wine merchants have pride amd pleasure in advisi*g on the commencement or elaboration ofa"cellar," and the experience gained by the purchaser in this way would be constructive and not nearly so expensive as might be the case if the new buyer were left entir^y to his own resources. Similarly, when dining out, the assistance of the wine stewards of good class hotels and restaurants is always valuable. In those cases where the wine list does not extend the description beyond generic terms or the names of wine districts, a good maxim is to"gang warily." Allied with a susceptible and critical palate and the good memory that comes from real interest, the knowledge gained in these ways forms an excellent nucleus for the subsequent expression of personal discrimination and preference.

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