1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

iptoloQue— factory declares:** Under the really liberal Government of Her Majesty the Queen,the protection they desired." It will be seen,therefore,that the manufacture of Angostura Bitters is a"British Industry," not only on the score of its methods, but also in view of its location during the last fifty-five years. To-day ** Angostura"—meaning Dr. Siegert's Angostura Bitters—is a name familiar the World over. In both remedial and pleasurable ways it enters largely into the daily round of an ever-growing number of users. Indeed,"Angostura"has found such favour that for the last few years well over a million bottles have been sold each year. A "Angostura"werefewin number, •^Vn^OStXir3, and specific in character. To- day's uses, though so wide, can ♦ ♦ ♦ be classed under three heads: —For immediate tonic effect as an"appetiser" and a strong aid to digestion .... and as a flavouring for drinks—alcoholic and otherwise. 2.—To giye pleasurable, distinctive flavour and aroma to soups,sauces and other dishes. 3—For Homely Medicinal purposes. It is with grateftil pride that we express our indebtedness to "Angostura"users, of all stations and nationalities, for much of the information we are now able to present. With no previous advertisement beyond the excellence of the contentsofthe Angostura bottle and with noinstructions other than those conveyed by the label, it has been left to Page 3 The uses of originally intended for

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