1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)




Mix to a smooth paste i dessertspoonful of cornflour and a little milk. Put i pint of milk into a saucepan, add a pinch of salt and bring to the boil. Pour gradually over the cornflour paste, stirring. Return to the saucepan, add i teaspoonful of Angostura Bitters, sweeten to taste and simmer gently, stirring continuously for 5 minutes. Lemon juice to taste can be added if desired. Quantity: Just over}pint.


With 2tablespoonfuls of milk mis I tablespoonful ofcom- flour to a smooth paste. Boil J pint of water and pour gradually over the cornflour,stirring. Return to saucepan with 1 tablespoonful of white sugar and boilfor 10 minutes, stirring continuously. According to the pudding with which the sauce is served, add i teaspoonful of Angostura Bitters or lemon juice as preferred. Quantity; i pint.




Put I lb. of white sugar and 2 tablespoonfuls of water in an iron saucepan and stir over the fire until the mixtiue becomes dark brown. Bring to the boil, add 3 gills of water, stir until boiling point is reached, and add J tea spoonful of Angostura Bitten. Simmer vmtil the con sistency of syrup is arrived at. Allow to become cold and bottle for subsequent use. Mix to a smooth paste i teaspoonful of cornflour with a little milk. Add I pint ofmilk and i teaspoonful of Angos- tura Bitters. Simmer slowly, stirring continuously, for 4 or 5 minutes and add 2 oz. of sugar. Allow to cool a little, add i egg (previously beaten). Heat again, gently, and stir continuously for a few minutes. Do not let mixture boil nor thicken unduly. Allow to cool and serve as required. CUSTARD


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