1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

"Mixed Drinks"

A representative collection of Cocktails, good old- fashioned English Punches and Cups, sustaining

beverages of the "Egg Nog' drinks and other mixed drinks:

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In order that all tastes shall be provided for, we have devoted a section to non-alcoholic drinks, showing how some new and attractive "soft" drinks may be prepared.

The mixing of Punches is dealt with, separately, on page 14. There are several ways of mixmg

Method of mixing:

Cocktails and allied drinks. Excepting those instances where mixing instructions arc given with the recipe, it may be inferred that any one of the following methods can be employed: For instance,some prefer to use a Cocktail shaker. The"Standard"^cktail shaker (for home use) is a nickel or aluminium receptacle specially made for the vigorous shaking up and down of the ingredients. In the absence of a Shaker,a tall miTing glass or a jug may be used. When ice is an ingredient a fork is preferable to a spoon for stirring, as the ice is melted more quickly. There is a"knack" of making a spoon do this, but it is possessed, with few exceptions, only by professional"mixers." A suitable strainer will complete the necessary equipment. As an^^occasional alternative to the miring fork or spoon, a"swizzle-stick" may be used. There are numerous types of"swizrie-sticks"available, most of which your Wine Merchant can procure. The one we are best acquainted with is the Natural West Indian"swizzle-stick," illustrated and des cribed on page 12. Another type is the"Mosser" shown alongside.

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