1935 For home use Angostura Bitters recipe book (3rd edition)

Cocktails. ♦ ♦ ♦

It is almost superfluous to add that in order to ensure the best results none but the best ingredients should be used.

Any good brands of spirits are satisfactory in the preparation of Cocktails, but a word of warning is necessary as regards the Bitters, in consequence of the unscrup^ous way in which imitations of "Angostura"have^een foisted upon the public. None but the genuine Dr. Siegert's Angosmra Bitters should be used, and your usual wine- merchant or stores will supply you. Stress is laid on this point because it is chiefly to the Angostura Bitters 5iat the delicious flavour and tonic proper ties of the well-made Cocktail are due. Better to aescribe the individuality of"Angostura," we quote the recent expression of one, well versed and with a most sensitive palate, who deliberately and with firm intention declared:—"A cocktailis riot a perfect cocktail unless it contains * Angostura.'" For manifold purposes, and pointedly so as an "extra blanket" in winter time, the right sort of Rum is a good thing to have handy. For^that reason we suggest you may be'interested to learn ofthe existence of" Siegert's Bouquet"—a particularly fine,old. West Indian Rum."Siegert s Bouquet" costs a litde more than ordinary good Rum but is actually cheaper in use because its proof strength is so much higher. This brand is so good as to be a favourite in the very region where the best Rum comes froin. Although not yet in general circulation in this country, it can be obtained for you, readily? by your Wine Merchant from Henderson & (London) Ltd., Finsbury Court, Finsbury Pave- nient, London,E.C.z. A hint on Rum

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