1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke


Put into ajulep glass i teaspoonful ofsugar and add enough water to make it into a smooth paste. Break off 2 or 3 tender mint sprigs and muddle into the preparation. Then leave them together in aromatic harmony. Take 6 more sprigs of mint and gently brush them up inside the glass so that no spot is overlooked. Fill with finely cracked ice,pack down slightly andpour in: I measures Cognac I measure Peach Brandy Garnish with 4sprigs ofmint and long, thin slice offresh peach. Serve with straws.

Peach Brandy MintJulep

Fish House 3 bottlesJamaica rum Punch

I V2 bottles brandy 1 pound loafsugar 2 quarts fresh water

I quart lime or lemon juice I wineglass Peach Brandy

Put the sugar in the punch bowl and pour on enough water to dissolve completely. Then pour in the various spirits and liquids, stirring well. Allow the mixture to standfor an hour or so, then before serving, place in a large piece ofice.

Coke High i measure Rye whisky in small tub glass Add ice, slice oforange andfill with Coca Cola


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