1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke


Advocaat Wash and clean six eggs and place them in ascrew topjar. Cover well with thejuice offresh lemons. Screw the top on and allow to stand in a cool place. Each day unscrew the jar to allow gas to escape. When all the shell is dissolved, stir well and strain through muslin. Add half lb. of clear honey and a bottle ofrum. Mix it all up well together and bottle it. If the mixture becomes too thick, then add more rum,lemon and honey. Essence of Orange or Lemon Peelofftherindoftwelveorangesorlemons,verythin,without any pith and place into a glass jar. Just cover the skins in alcohol for at least a month,but shake every few days.Then remove the pieces ofrind and it will leave a pure essence of orangeorlemon,extremelyscented and strong.Ateaspoonful would be enough to flavour a sweet, and a few drops in a glass ofwater with a lump ofsugar makes a very refreshing drink at a time when oranges are at their worst. Sloe Gin Take fine ripe sloes after the first frost. Prick each in four or five places and fill the bottles about three-quarters full. Put in a strip of thinly pared lemon peel, three or four cloves and two blanched bitter almonds to each bottle. Shake in a cupful of crushed candy sugar and fill up with gin. Two bottles ofgin should fill three ofthe sloe bottles. Cork and seal. Shake the bottles by turning upside down daily for six months. At the end ofa year strain offthe liquor, bottle and seal. Sloe gin is improved by keeping for a year or two before drinking.


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