1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

Storage of Wines

Surely the dream ofevery wine lover is to install his own "Cellar" at home, in which his stocks of wine can rest peacefully and securely behind a sturdy locked door, there fore hidden awayfrom covetous eyes and from the searching hand ofhis "spouse" when seeking a little wine with which to add a flavour to some special dish. Too often one's precious bottles must share the confined accommodation of a cupboard with all those out-of-sight articles such as old discarded boots, shoes and old clothes, then are generally topped up with the hastily thrown in dog basket. Our wines therefore become completely smothered, and it means embarking on a full scale mining expedition each time we require a particular bottle. Those ofus who are lucky enough to live in nice houses surrounded by gardens have no problems in finding a suitable wine sanctuary; the garden is a wonderful asset, for there we could bury our choicest collection when certain relations are expected. But there are we others who are the martyrs ofthis"homein the sky age". Welive in the hutch like surroundings oftown flats, where there is no smallroom which can be permanently requisitioned, except, ofcourse, the smallest room in the apartment; but then, that is not always convenient. This brings us back to the cupboard again, but now with certain reservations. There is only going to be one key, which at the right momentcan always be mislaid, and this will therefore restrict the use ofsaid cupboard as ajunk room. All wines, like all living things, must be allowed to breathe freely, and, although the cupboard should be well


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