1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

Here,then, are a few hints on decanting. Start by mak ing perfectly sure that the decanter is clean and free from any smelling mustiness, or this will impart a disagreeable taste to the wine. Then warm the decanter and take it as close to the storage of the bottles as possible. This is to eliminate too much movement ofthe bottle. Next tenderly lift the bottle from its resting place, and lay it gently in the cradle basket. Then carefully remove the capsule or wax, and all dust, cobwebs and other local inhabitants of the cupboard, from around the cork and neck. Holding the neck of the bottle firmly with a dampish serviette, gently insert the point ofthe corkscrew into the centre ofthe cork, and turn slowly until the point is almost about to show at the other end (if you carry on right through the cork you must afterwards embark on a fishing expedition tediously hooking little pieces of cork from the wine). Slowly and steadily, without jerks or convulsions, withdraw the cork, thereby avoiding any disturbance to the sediment that may exist. By holding the neck with the serviette it will act as a safety measure to the hands should the neck ofthe bottle be damaged and split. The cradle which is specially construct ed so as to give the rightamountoftilt to the bottle,stopping the wine from being spilt during the removal of the cork, can now be discarded.Holding the decanter close to a bright light, lift the bottle carefully from the cradle, and still keeping it at the same tilt,lean the decanter towards it,and start pouring slowly from the bottle. The angles ofleaning will allow the wine to run smoothly down the inside, and does not pick up any air or form bubbles.The light behind will show what is going on inside the bottle, and as it gets towards the end ofpouring,the deposit lying on the under side becomes uncovered and will start moving. Stop just before the sediment reaches the neck ofthe bottle. The wine in the decanter should be perfectly clear.


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