1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

Sangaree Similar drink to a Cobbler.

Set-up All the makings of a specified drink, except the spirits. For example, in the Old Fashioned, crushed sugar and angostura, ice and fruit decoration.

Shrubs Special recipes madefor bottling,containing spirits, fruit juices and sweetening. The longer it is kept the more headaches per bottle.


A long drink ofthe Collins type,can contain mineral water or fresh water,some varieties include liqueurs.

Smashes Smaller versions ofa mintjulep.

Sours Have an essential sharp and cleaning effect on the jaded palate and bring freshness back to the smoked dried tongue.A medium size drink, containing spirit, lemon or lime juice, sweetening, sometimes bitters and white ofegg.Should be well shaken with ice.

Swizzle Shaved iced drink, well agitated with a swizzle stick, contains spirits (generally rum) sweetening and bitters.


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