1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

washed directly after use, then thoroughly dried inside, because if a wet shaker is left aside until the next party a chemical reaction will set in, and will leave a green poisonous deposit (verdigris), which, al though it may resemble Creme de Menthe in looks is a very dangerous ingredient to any cocktail. Beware also of cheap alloys sometimes used for cocktail shakers. These are dangerous in other ways. The metal has a bad reaction on most acid fruit juices and it will give a most unpleasant taste to the drink. One large cocktail shaker. Save up and buy this. It is well worth-while when mixing the same drink for a crowd. It is like filling a car up with juice at the beginning ofa long run instead ofstopping at every garage en route! One Boston type cocktail shaker. Plated or chrome, holding approximately one quart. This type is for mixing egg noggs, flips, sours and fizzes, etc. These drinks require more shaking than other blends and therefore more shaking space inside the shaker, for which the Boston allows. Take the precaution when using this particular type ofshaker ofpressing the two halves firmly together, then wrap a ser viette round it, because after constant use


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