1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

(r^ Two decanters.

A good heavy cut glass decanter will always enhance a vintage port,and the other can be used for something less valuable (probably pickled onions) until a friend makes you a present of another bottle of port after he has drunk all your best one. You can re member which one to give him when he calls again. Note the decanters should be of clear glass, thereby showing off the wine to its best advantage. Directly after use decanters should be rinsed out. Do not use anysoap powders orsoda during the process. Should the decanter be badly stained it can be cleaned by shaking a handful of small shot in it—but you are not advised to fire a twelve bore rifle into it. Special champagne stopper. Saves the opened bottle going flat as it prevents the effervescence escaping—it may last from one New Year's Eve to the next. Pair ofchampagne cork pliers. The only effective tool for removing stubborn champagne corks—grip the cork firmly, then call in the family dentist. He has the knack for removing such obstinate things. Strainer or funnel (or combination of both).


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