1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

Be a Good Mixer

Everyone's ambition is to have their own cocktail bar at home,for that is the mecca and thesummit ofthe social ladder.I knew a fellow whoonce installed one in his study. He had the grand idea that it would save him expense,and instead ofspending money at his local club, he would buy his drinks from his own bar at home. And being the only customer he would not need a liquor licence. He gave his wife^21 to buya case ofwhisky.Now,there are 216 doubles in a case,so he bought them from his wife at 5/- each, and in twelve days when the case was finished, his wife had £54 with which she bought another case. She put the remaining profit of in the bank and then he started all over again. Ten years later my friend died, and his wife had roughly £y,7oo on deposit—which was enough to bury


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