1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

Burgundy and Claret glass Clear, size 6 ozs. or over. Must be stemmed and goblet. The reason for the stem in this case is differentfrom that for the cocktail and sherry glass. Red wine champions love to go through the correct ritual offirst sipping their wine,then holding it up to the light to test its brilliance—the wine not the light—then another sip, a frown, then a scowl and a growl to the wine waiter, informing him that it isn't quite the right temperature, but it will do this time, and he will wrap his fingers round the bowl to warm the precious liquid up. Which all goes to show how necessary a stem is to carry out all these manoeuvres. Old-fashioned glass Can be colourful,size not less than 6 ozs. and squat barrel-like in shape, with ultra-thick bottom and strong sides. This glass must be of sturdy stuff, as it has to stand a lot of punishment when the sugar is being pounded up in the mixing ofthis particular drink.

Highball glass Can be colourful, size 8-10 ozs. Should be a very tall cylindrical narrow tumbler. The slimmer and taller the more thirst quenching the drink will appear.


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