1938 Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to mix'em (3rd printing) by Stanley Clisby Arthur

Cuban Presidente

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Vx jigger rum 54 jigger French dry vermouth 1 teaspoon grenadine sirup 1 dash curacao g

Rum first in the harglass, then the vermouth, Curasao, and sirup. Put in the ice. Stir (never shake). After straining into the serving glass, add a piece of orange peel. This is the drink to toast the Cuban presidente (who ever he may be at the present moment). A heady salute for a nation's head. It might be mentioned that some prefer their presidente with grenadine only and without the Curasao. New OrBeons Presidente 1 tablespoon grenadine sirup 1 jigger rum 1 tablespoon orange juice Shake with ice, lots of it cracked fine, and strain into a cocktail glass.

American Presidente 1 pony rum

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1 pony French dry vermouth


1 lemon—juice only 1 dash curagao 1 dash grenadine sirup


Proceed as with the Cuban presidente and drop a maraschino cherry into the cocktail glass before straining the mixture into it. Today several brands of rum, made from Louisiana sugar cane molasses, are finding favor . . . even among those who have long believed that rum, to be good, must come from Cuba, Jamaica, or Puerto ^co. Sixty-two

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