1938 Famous New Orleans Drinks and how to mix'em (3rd printing) by Stanley Clisby Arthur



AUDUBON An Intimate Life of The American Woodsman by Stanley Clisby Arthur Author of Old New Orleans, The Birds of Louisiana, The Story of The Battle of New Orleans, Old Families of Louisiana, Story of The West Florida Rebellion, The Fur Animals of Louisi ana, Etc., Etc. At Last! The book all bird lovers have been waiting for! For the first time the "real" Audubon has been placed between the covers of a book. The finest and greatest biography of the talented genius who made "The Birds of America" live again on his drawing papers. The uncensored story of a bird man by a bird man. Over 75 Illustrations In two formats. Limited and signed $10.00. Regular edition, blue and gold cloth $5.00. OLD NEW ORLEANS by Stanley Clisby Arthur Author of Audubon, An Intimate Life of The American Woods man, Etc. The first authentic history of the Crescent City's famed French Quarter, its ancient and historical Creole buildings. Written for those who want to wander along the narrow streets of New Or leans' famous "Vieux Carre"—who want to know something authentic about these priceless relics of a romantic past. Profusely illustrated by pictures that successfully capture the spirit of quaint streets—the beauty of old courtyards—the delicate traceries of old iron lace on old balconies. Bound in atti'active red cloth $2.50. Anniversary edition, artcraft binding $5.00.

HARMANSON, Publisher and Bookseller 333 Royal Street New Orleans, Louisiana

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