1938 Mixed Drinks by Hotel Martinique Broadway


OLD MARTINIQUE SPECIAL 1/3 Jigger French Vermouth % Jigger Dry Gin 2 Dashes White Curacao ORANGE BLOSSOM COCKTAIL Juice of half Orange

I Jigger Dry Gin Teaspoon Sugar

Stir well with cracked ice.

PALM BEACH COCKTAIL 1/3 Jigger Creme de Cacao '/a digger Sweet Cream 1/3 Jigger Cognac PICK ME UP COCKTAIL % digger Dry Gin 1/3 Jigger Italian Vermouth White of one egg PINK LADY COCKTAIL White of one Egg I Tablespoon Grenadine I Jigger Dry Gin PRESIDENTE COCKTAIL /a digger Bal Cardinal /2 digger Italian Vermouth I Dash Creme de Cacao

Shake well and strain.


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