1938 Mixed Drinks by Hotel Martinique Broadway


MAMIE TAYLOR I Jigger Scotch Whiskey Juice of 1/2 lime Serve in highball gloss, odd ice, fill with gin ger ale. THE MARTINIQUE This was a house secret but we can at least give you the ingredients. It was made with Jamaica Rum Absinthe Grenadine Orange Juice Little Lemon Juice I Pony Rye Whiskey '/2 Pony Apple Cider THE HARVARD COCKTAIL % Pony Brandy % Pony Italian Vermouth Dash Orange Bitters Stir THE PRINCETON COCKTAIL I Pony Gin 5/2 Pony White Creme de Menthe Serve In a highball glass with ice. Fill with seltzer. THE STONE FENCE (Buffalo Bill)

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