1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


this routine the pearly, almost opalescent, sheen of the absinthe is even more apparent than in the Frappe; also its potency. AN ABSINTHE FRAPPE from HELIOPOLIS PALACE, CAIRO, in 1931 Here is one of the most bizarre and startling hotels in all the world. We found it, and not doing so well, back in 1926; but later on, in funds, it drew the fashionable crowd out near the race track. . . . This drink was mixed in small silver cocktail shakers holding enough for 2 guests; fetched to table with chilled glasses of champagne saucer type... . Merely turn 2 glasses of finely cracked ice into a chilled small shaker, add two 2-oz jiggers of absinthe and r tsp anis del mono, or French anisette. Shake quickly and hard. Pour out, ice and all; and a short straw, bright green in hue, is the final touch. This again pro– duces a pearly white fluid at odds with the greenish liquid in bottle. Please don't ignore this small shaker, iced shaker, iced glasses busi– ness. When making drinks especially in small amount this is essential to chill cold enough-but mainly to prevent much ice melting to dilute and injure the tone of the fipished drink. WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. II, STILL further INSISTING that SHAKER & GLASSES ALWAYS BE CHILLED-ESPE– CIALLY when MAKING COCKTAILS for a VERY FEW GUESTS Mixing 2 cocktails in:,. huge, room-temperature shaker, and pour– ing them into room-temperature glasses, is careless business. The ice ~elts rapidly, dilutes the drink, and the whole mix warms so fast that mstead of being really chilled the final outcome is also not far from room temperature. . . . A warm cocktail is like half-way objects in l~e-n~ither this nor that, and often a reflection op. the judgment and d1scret1on of those present. ADIOS AMIGOS, ONE from the ARMY-NAVY CLUB in MANILA, & ONE to be WATCHED SENORS! Bacardi, 2 ponies Cognac, 1 pony French Vermouth, r pony Lemon, juice, Yz; or lime, juice, r Dry gin, 1 pony

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