1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


in. Planter's Punches and West Indian Swizzles, treated on Page 109. . . . Fine ice melts rapidly, dilutes the punch. Dilution beyond a cer– tain point courts sure disaster through loss of flavour, weakness and anaemia of otherwise prime ingredients.... Use a single fairly large block of ice. 4. Chill all ingredients at least an hour or two before putting in the bowl, if a punch is to be served cold. Pouring room-temperature liquids on any sort of ice is a withering shock to the ice itself, requires a great deal of refrigeration in a very short period of time, and can only succeed in too-rapid ice melting.... A big block of ice in pre-chilled punch will last a long time and mel_t slowly. WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. XVI, BEING THREE ORIGI– NAL TOUCHES in GARNISHING or FLAVOURING the PUNCH BOWL Those of us who have a large freezing drawer under the ice cube section of a mechanical refrigerator can add a colourful and dainty touch by adding a little harmonious colouring matter to the water before freezing into cubes.... We can also add fruits like cherries, strawberries, and the like, to the water, thus freezing them visibly in the ice. . . . Instead of ice we can use water ice or sherbet flavouring with the basic taste of the punch like pineapple, grape, orange, and so on. This should be put in a little bit in each cup when serving, and makes things very cold. . . . Grate a little fresh coconut kernel, have it in a gravy boat, and dust a teaspoon on each cup when served. This adds a delicate, nut-like flavour which brings out the other tastes, only don't use the ordinary shredded coconut. It simply won't do as well. A HAND-PICKED LIST of TWENTY & SIX PUNCHES from MANY GAY LANDS, & INCLUDING SoME ELEVEN WEST INDIAN PLANTER's PuNcHES & Sw1zzLES BASED on FIVE CRUISES through that FASCINATING CHAIN, & NoTEs from YACHTSMEN FRIENDS on CRUISING to the OuT ISLANDS FOR THOSE WHO ADMIRE HOT PUNCHES, a BRIEF SE– LECTED L1sT MAY further BE FouND under HOT HELPERS, START– ING on PAGE 50, onward FOR THOSE WHO WISH to Mix NoN-ALcoHouc PuNcHEs We have carefully selected several very original, fragrant, and

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