1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


flavourful punches as a relief from the eternal orange-lemon-fruit scramble which has hog-ridden us for generations. These are listed in a separate group under TEMPERANCE DELIGHTS, on Page 139· BENGAL LANCERS' PUNCH Captain Ferguson, late of His Majesty's Cavalry in upper India, gave us this one back in 1926, and it was a specialty of his Colonel on quite special occasions. Champagne, l qt Orange juice, Yz cup Fresh pineapple juice, Yz cup Jamaica or Barbados rum, 3 ponies Claret, 2 pint bottles Lime juice, Yz cup Cointreau or curac;:ao, 3 ponies Charged water, l pint A little sugar, to taste; and keep it dry and not too sweet Ice as above, and garnish with very thin slices of green lime. This is a particularly delicate punch, and Barbados rum is less likely to overpower the delicate wine flavours than Jamaica.

PUNCH a la DUC de BOURGOGNE Red burgundy, 2 qts Lemon, juice, 2·

Fine sugar, ~ lb, or so

Red port, l pint

Cherry brandy, l cup Orange, juice, 2

Charged water, about l qt, or a trifle more Ice as above and garnish with pitted red cherries.

FISH HOUSE PUNCH, DATING from 1732, the STATE in ScHuYL– KILL CLASSIC This is America's most famous punch receipt; at least it is known by reputation to more people than any other. The mix has come from 1732 right to this date-practically 20q years, unchanged and un– improved for the simple reason that it could not be improved upon! Jamaica Rum; Barbados Haitian: ' " or Yz Bacardi and Yz Jamaica, 2 qts Cognac brandy, l qt Loaf ~ugar, % lb Water, 2 qts; spring water is indicated Lemon: juice, 1 qt; lime would be even more delicate Peach brandy, l wine glass . 102 .

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