1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


LATIN AMERICA PUNCH, from a MouNTAIN PLANTATION HousE out of SAN JuAN, PoRTO Rico Carta de Oro Bacardi rum, r Yz cups Rhine wine, 2 pint bottles Lemon juice, r cup Thin small slices fresh pineapple Orange curac;ao, Yz cup Champagne, r qt Orange juice, r cup Sparkling water, r pint Ice for two hours beforehand, pour in bowl with large lump ice, have a gravy boat filled with fresh grated coconut kernel, and sprinkle a level teaspoon on each glass as served. Don't use shredded coconut– that is only for cakes and so on. FRITZ FENGER'S PINEAPPLE "BOLA," which Is a PuNcH of PARTS Fenger's dossier has already been given at some length, and we will merely state here that both the wording of this receipt and spelling of the word "Bola" are his-this last presumably an anglicized ver– sion of the old German word Bowle, or Wein-Bowle. The change from "It" to "Her" is also interesting. "For evening use: Right after breakfast stalk a ripe but unblemished pineapple, and when agreeable, snatch it off its perch and take it home where-in the intimacy of the butler's pantry-we remove first her head, toes, hard heart, and finally her spiny corset. "Dice her up very fine indeed and heap pieces and juices in a large punch bowl and cover with powdered sugar. Pour on a bottle of good bourbon or rye-not Scotch-and leave her lay all day, covered and safely beyond reach or range of the great

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