1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book



whisky-sugar-pineapple foundation. Dip in and-drink. But when serving best put her smack in the middle of the table with chairs noosed all around; break out tobacco, musical instruments and yarns; for although this Bola does not make one intoxicated as we know the word [Note: We resent this! Author.] it does take your legs away, very thriftily." Author's Note: Having tried this business out once our only sug– gestion would be to ignore all thqught of ice and replace it as a cool– ing agent by 2 or 3 quarts of fresh pineapple sherbet or water ice. The unusual thing about this punch is that it requires no rum of any sort, for strength or flavouring. PINEAPPLE MILK, or LECHE PREPARADA PIIVA, from SAN SALVADOR, C.A. This mild, and almost startlingly delicious pineapple-milk-brandy– and-other-things punch is insc.ribed on Page 9r. TIGER'S MILK, Nos. I, II, & III These successive formulae from Peking;·Bangkok; and finally the windward coast of Jamaica, and which we consider the most amaz– ing milk drinks extant, are listed on Pages 129, 130, 131, & 90. NAPOLEON II PUNCH, sometimes CALLED PUNCH a la l'AIGLON Time this so it will be made when wild cherries are ripe, barring t:J:iat use sour red "pie" cherries. Claret, or Burgundy, 2 pint bottles St. Croix, Martinique, or Any sour cherry juice, l cup Haitian rum, l cup Fine sugar, to taste; keep fairly Pitted cherries, Yi cup acid Charged water, l pint Vanilla extract, 2 tsp or so Garnish with violets Ice as above, and add a few bits of chopped violet petals to each cup as served. THE PFIRSCHBOWLE, or PEACH PuNcH, for OuR REUNION in VmNNA, or AN¥WHERE This requires ripe peaches, not green ones a little coloured by stand- • 105 •

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