1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


ing in a shop. Scald, take off skins, slice, and dredge with plenty of confectioner's sugar, and let them marinate in their own sweet juices for two hours. First pour in a bottle of Rhine or Moselle wine, then a bottle of good Burgundy or claret. Put in the ice box, and just before serving uncork a bottle of iced champagne. Put an 8" cube of ice in the bowl, and pour over.... To our way of thinking a couple of ounces of drier type apricot or peach brandy couldn't hurt this thought a mite. CHARLESTON'S ST. CECELIA SOCIETY PUNCH Speaking of social niceties, for a good many generations no one in Tidewater South Carolina really mattered unless his name appeared on the annual ball list of St. Cecelia. Consequently it gradually be– came a fixed matter of family and the bluest of blood lines. Bank balances did not count as they did in New York's 400. Although the membership list has been expanded now and then along more sanely liberal lines, here is a Society started two hundred / ears ago, forty years before our Declaration of Independence w~/ conceived, and whose prestige and power was sb great that when ,the welkin rang in ancient Hibernian Hall, not one single newspaper ever mentioned a bit of what took place. . . . Gentlemenwe~ntlemen in those days, and the over-famed "freedom of the press" didn't pry into their social affairs, as they do nowadays with certain visible folk like, say, Ex– King Edward VIII. Furthermore the music plays behind a lace cur– tain, and ladies don't go to la salle des dames unchaperoned!

Peach or apricot brandy, 1 fifth; peach is traditional Jamaica rum, 1 pint; and get good old rum

Fresh pineapple, I ripe one, sliced fine and cored Lemons or limes, 6 lemons or IO li111es, sliced thin Green tea, 1 quart Club soda, or other good spar– .kling water, 2 quarts total

Dry champagne, 4 quarts Cognac brandy, 1 bottle Sugar, 3 cups

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