1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Shake well with lots of cracked ice, pour into a large flat cham– pagne glass, and send for the Marines!

J. PIERPONT MORGAN'S ALAMAGOOZLUM, the PERSONAL Mix CREDITED to that FINANCIER, PHILANTHROPIST, & BANKER of a BY– GONE ERA This ·might conceivably be a punch, if handled like a Planter's Punch; just as it could be stirred in a pitcher. To tell the truth this is no exotic from a far land, but is such a tasteful and sound cock– tail that we append it here, standing on its own legs and its own merit. To serve about 5 cocktails: take I jigger each of Jamaica rum, gomme syrup, and yellow or green Chartreuse; ~dd Yz pony yellow Cura~ao and Yz pony of Angostura bitters. Add 2 scant ponies of Holland gin, the same of water; donate Yz the white of an egg and shake hard with lots of cracked ice. Serve in ~ Manhattan glass. THE AMER PICON "POUFFLE" FIZZ, from the BAR-LoG of an EDITOR FRIEND DoMICILED for a SuMMER & WINTER on the FRENCH RIVIERA, at ST. JACQUES CAP FERRAT, & in a VILLA & THINGS This is a very odd and fascinating affair, we can assure everyone. Simply turn a jigger of Amer Picon into a shaker with plenty of cracked ice, donate the white of I recent egg, and a scant pony of grenadine. Shake well, put into a goblet containing a lump of ice and fill to taste with best club soda available. Add ~ tsp Angostura; stir. THE ANTRIM COCKTAIL, ONE WE FoUND in the QuAINT LiTfLE OVERSEAS CLUB in ZAMBOANGA, on the IsLAND of MINDANAO in the YEAR of GRACE I93I This classic, being invented by "Monk" Antrim in Manila 5 or 6 years before, had found its way down into Moro country, many hun– dreds of miles to the south. We will bring more news of "Monk" later, meanwhile this is his own special origination, later blended for us by his own Chino barmeister in Manila. Use I pony each of good French cognac and port wine; toss in Yz

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