1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


gredients, or both-and in swizzles this includes the pitcher too; if we really want to show off, a good Ys" of white frost on the outside!

ADMIRAL SCHLEY PUNCH This is supposed to have been named after the American admiral, and we shouldn't mind such a pleasant piece of business being called after us. St. Croix or Barbados rum, Yz }1gger Bourbon, Yz jigger Sugar, 1 tsp Lime, peel and juice, 1 Shake with fine ice, and turn into goblet-ice and all. Garnish with sprigs of mint, a stick of ripe pineapple, and so on. THE STANDARD ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, WEST INDIAN PLANTER'S PUNCH, No. I This is the original receipt from the very first discovery of the drink. 1 of Sour (lime juice); ~ of Sweet (sugar or gomme syrup); 3 of Strong (Jamaica rum); 4 of Weak (water and ice combined)-and use shaved or quite fine cracked ice, please. . . . Doctor this with the usual dash of Angostura, shake hard and serve-with ice left in the glass. America, when not having time to dally with its drink as a correct West Indian planter is supposed to do, sometimes transposes the quantities of "strong" and "weak"-making the rum four parts and the water three, instead of as given above. Barbados, Demerara, Martinique, Haitian, or Cuban Rum, can al– ways replace Jamaica; and if using Bacarl:li mix Carta de Oro, for fuller flavour, not Carta Blanca. SANTIAGO de CUBA, CARTA de ORO BACARDI PLANTER'S PuNcH Bacardi Carta de Oro, 1 Yz jiggers Sugar or grenadine, 1 tsp Lime, strained juice, 1 Yz Mint and fresh fruit


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