1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Fill a large goblet with shaved ice well packed down, mix the liquids and pour over ice, then garnish with sliced orange, cherries, and a stick of fresh ripe pineapple, and plenty of fresh mint.

SAVANNAH PLANTER'S PUNCH Cotton, lumber and naval stores, rosin, turpentine spirits, that was -and still is, Savannah. The whole world sailed to Savannah's door up Tybee River, and many a West Indian Colonial found it-with Charleston-a first mainland step before reaching England. . . . This Planter's Punch varies quite a bit from those punches and swizzles we've inspected and brewed along the great circle of islands from Haiti to Trinidad and Curai;:ao. But it's a sound one; and as all sound potables should be-it's simple. Also it's tall~ For one:

First chill the glasses-whether silver or crystal Good Jamaica rum, wine gl~ss; or 2 ponies, to taste Cognac brandy, 2 jiggers

Lime, juice, I; or juice Yi lemon Fresh pineapple juice, Yi jigger

Pack the glasses tightly with finely shaved ice, pour in the liquids previously mixed, stir briskly for a moment with long spoon or swizzle stick. Garnish with a finger of ripe pineapple, a cherry, or a bit of orange. Serve when glass frosts. There's no dodging the fact that we must expect to use decent rum. This recently born swarm of new, strange rums can no more replace even a fair Jamaica, Barbados or Haitian rum, than Mr. Kreisler can play the E Flat Nocturne on a turnip crate. . . . The cognac lends the original touch here. FIVE WEST INDIAN SWIZZLES of a COMFORTING DISPOSITION ) & EMBRACING ONE of JAMAICA RuM, and FouR of AUTHENTIC ORIGIN and other BAsEs, from the RouGH LoG of FREDERICK ABILDGAARD FENGER

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