1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Virgins. Now for the benefit of those who haven't sailed those waters we would like to remark that although this necklace of islands looks on the map to be within cruller toss of each other, they are actually separated by wide and rough cross-chop passages where the Carib– bean and the Atlantic have a peas-porridge-hot game every six hours, pouring tides back and forth. The natives, who sail things out of sight of land we wouldn't use to cross an irrigation ditch, took one look at that canoe with its 4" or so of freeboard and no rudder, and promptly began recollecting ancient prayers to sea gods. News of his progress went ahead of him via some sort of weird mackerel telegraph. And no matter where he would beach the YA.KABOO, or at what hour, reverent dark men and women waited upon him, fearful of some sor– cery, yet eager as children to touch him or any of his things. They fetched him food and drink, cured sea urchin festers, and stood and watched his tiny butterfly winged sails fade and vanish into a cockatoo– crest yellow dawn. At St. Thomas, capital of the Virgins, due to press of time, YAKABOO was hoisted aboard stea.IJ?.er and went thus to Boston. Several years later DIABLESSE, a good husky down-east fisher– man schooner retraced the course of the little YAKABOO, with greater leisure, plenty of seaworthiness, and with wife and young son as Mate and Bo'sun. The first 4 swizzles garnered from Fenger are out of the files of a Dane he met in St. Thomas named Mallingholm, and who has since gone "where the angels (as Fenger says) live innocuously, so I've been instructed-dang it!" He further informs us, with scant foundation of veracity-that these are mild and caponed affairs which "may be taken-in moderate abandon-without irremediable fraying out at either end." These 4 excellent swizzles have been given in accurate scale draw– ings, so that the mixer may measure by eye by "placing a clean thumb nail at each level before pouring." By adding I tumbler of ice water and ice enough, and 1 13 to Yi tsp of sugar, we get swizzles for 4 guests. . n3 .

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