1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book

THE GENTLEMAN'S COMPANION fountains in the slender bumpy-surfaced bottle, and the juice of Yz a small green lime. Shake very hard with very fine ice and serve with some of this left in. Frozen in The Mixer, tropical style, is still better. Serve in a big saucer champagne glass. Arigato Toyama! THE ROSY DAWN COCKTAIL, a BELOVED EVENT from OuR LAST V1s1T to HoNGKONG, from which WE REAPPEARED with a BRIDE with– out KNOWING IT, & WE SHOULD HAVE Tow this ONE to BoB RIPLEY Wtto WAS in ToWN at the TIME-SECRETARY & ALL For sentimental reasons this probably outranks all ether cocktails in our past and present life, for it was through its rosy-inspired courage we got ourselves a wife, only we didn't know it until long afterward, and after we were married back here in the States. We have the ingredients all noted on the calling card of F. P. Franklin, who then-and we hope now-is editor of the Hongkong Telegraph. It was first introduced to us by J. Handley Pegg, Esquire, Chief Engineer of His Majesty's Colonial Highway Department there. It involved a routine cocktail party aboard the RESOLUTE on one April evening, then dinner at a West End Chinese Club, and later on still-after many Rosy Dawns, Mrs. Franklin got so senti– mental about our recent fiancee that she said as long as she couldn't attend the wedding in person she would like to see us married some– how. So Handley Pegg went out of the room with her and came back with his collar and coat on backwards, and Franklin gave the bride away, and the gramophone played Mendelssohn, and there were flower girls and maids of honour, and God knows what else. Then Mrs. Franklin started to cry and took off her own wedding ring, and said we had to use it. So we did, and Pegg married us out of the Anglican book of Common Prayer, andi.everything was very fine, and we capped the Rosy Dawns with vintage Krug z923. Then just before sunrise Mrs. Franklin gave us. a big cloisonne tub of freesia, and then we were sent down in Franklin's own chartered limousine, and our Bride started to cry in the motor launch as we got half way over to Kowloon-side, and said it was because she was so happy but . u8 .

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