1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


northern climates out of wild cherries, tame cherries-all except the acid red pie cherry type-strawberries, blackberries, raspberries; al– most any flavourful, fairly tart fruit will do. And the same goes for the tropics, of course. Mixed with ice and cool sweet water in a tall thin glass this Shrub recalls the days of bronze-faced planters seated on their galleries overlooking green seas of sugar cane; rice, indigo, or tobacco. It is an especial relief to the man who is wearied of the con– stant small hammer blows of more insistent, highly proofed, bever– ages. Incidentally we list a "Temperance" Shrub in some detail on Page 149· We need a big double boiler, or better still, an earthenware pot big enough to hold all the fruit; and another pot big enough to hold pot Number I. • . . Extract the juice by putting the fruit in the upper container, which stands in the boiling water of the lower vessel. Dredge with sugar and add a stick or 2 of cinnamon. Simmer until juice~ are pretty well extracted from fruit, then strain through a jelly cloth. Add enough gomme syrup to suit taste, and make fairly sweet. Stand in a chilled place until sediment settles out, rack off through another .filtering process and add 4 oz-Yz cup-of cognac for each l qt bottle of the clear juice. Cork well, seal with rosin or paraffin, or wax-then store in a cool place of even temperature. Good to use at any time now.... This fruit juice may be clarified or "fined" by the ancient and proper Portuguese method on Page 159· THE SMILE Antoine, in New Orleans, has through many years been a gathering place of people who possess good tastes of varying sorts. This spe– cialty of his sometimes known as Antoine's Smile, is simple to make, ~e only requirement being that the apple brandy be not "Jersey lightning" six months in wood, but aged, and at least five years old– and the older the finer, of course.

Lime, juice Yz small; or X lemon Grenadine, l dash

Aged apple brandy, or applejack, l pony


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