1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


This is simply a drier and better version of the old Jack Rose, which allows half a pony grenadine to a jigger apple brandy and juice of a lemon, and is the precise shade of the famous jacqueminot rose.

WILSON'S SOUTH CAMP ROAD COCKTAIL, from JAMAICA, B.W.I. via ToM DAVIN As usual with Davin, his words are worth a quote. "If you include drinks with your eats here is my donation-which I captured in Jamaica enroute to Haiti, last winter. If you have no friend who drinks any good lawye.r can prove it to be a fruit cock– tail, even to the eyes of your very own Aunt Silica Fittichl Even your friend Hemingway, with his Anis del Mono-besotted tonsils will not be able to taste the ingredients. Try it yourself, but not more than two-and I mean that. . . . It was invented by a retired British army man-and how can England have any army when all her princely chaps are 'retired'-who lives in~_ or rather outside of, Kingston, named Wilson. His main vocation seems to be concocting odd beverages, and if this is any sample he's a wizard. Somehow this escaped his secret archives because he turned the formula over to the head barman at the South Camp Road Hostelry when dining some friends there. . . . As you-all say in Florida: 'Heah-tiz!'

Absinthe, or Pernod Veritas, Yz pony Egg, white, 1, fresh as can be Grenadine, to taste; about Yz tsp Sugar or gomme syrup, about 2 tsp, to taste

Dry gin, 2 jiggers Grand marnier, Yi pony Juice of large lime Dash angostura, dash orange bitters French vermouth, 2 jiggers ,,

"Shake with lots of cracked ice and pour into a large saucer cham– pagne glass capable ·of holding some six ounces of T.N.T. "Now," continues Editor Davin, "report me this when ye can. Maybe I had a touch o' sun when I tried it last!" P.S. Orange cura~ao can substitute for grand marnier; anis del

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