1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


mono could pinch hit for the absinthe, or ojen-the Spanish absinthe -would also work, lacking the real Swiss product.

THE RANGOON STAR RUBY, a WoNDERFUL & STIMULATING CocKTAIL from LoWER-BURMAH In 1926 we disembarked in Burmah from a round-the-world ship, and spent several days there before hopping off to Calcutta in a little "Bibby" boat carrying a mess of Mohammedan pilgrims headed for Mecca as deck passengers, and who did all their own cooking right down there in plain sight. In Rangoon we joined up with several fulk in the Strand bar of evenings to chin about the romantic Manda– lay country far up the Irrawaddy River, and to talk over gems with Hamid and his ,brother from Colombo and Bombay, and to acquire a really fine zircon for someone else and a set of star sapphire dress studs for oursel( One American headed out on leave from certain ruby mining operations up-country told us he had invented himself a drink that everyon~ up at headquarters liked so well he was going to shout it to the world so that no man might be denied its virtues. He popped behind the bar before we could say "knife" and whipped up the following mixture which, due to its colour, he had christened the Star Ruby. Take 1 jigger of good cognac, Yz pony of cherry brandy, Yz pony of French vermouth, 2 dashes each of orange bitters and lemon phos– phate, then for added flavour 1 tsp of kirsch, or Yz tsp of maraschino. Shake with finely cracked ice, pour into a wine glass leaving a little ice floating, and let fall 6 drops of grenadine in the center of this chilly expanse for the ruby colour touch. SUNDAY VESPERS, from the REPERTOIRE of an AMERICAN OFFI– CIAL with PARAMOUNT FILMS WHo DWELLS near QuEEN ANNE's GATE LONDON Here's a gentle thought for that long quiet, house-bound afternoon, just prior to evening services, when both the spiritual and bodily reservoirs need aiding and abetting. It should be served, in summer, . 126 .

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