1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


custom. Please don't attempt to use any young Scotch whisky-use the best the shelf affords. Really old Liqueur Scotch whisky, I part Clear strained honey, r part Cream, I part Mix well, warm slightly to make smooth. Then cool and sample, or heat and sample while still hot, to insure a mix to taste. Drink cold. Never boil cream or milk in a Brose. "Milk boiled is milk spoiled," runs the Scottish proverb. ATHOL BROSE No. II Put a heaping tsp or so of strained honey into 4 jiggers of liqueur Scotch whisky, turning this into a tumbler. Fill tumbler with milk, heated beforehand. Cool before drinking. ATHOL BROSE No. III This is still another ancient blend: Use r part liqueur Scotch whisky, Yz part strained honey, r part thick cream. Heat carefully, as before. Serve cold. WORDS to the WISE No. III, BEING an EARNEST PLEA NOT to SERVE an OVER SUPPLY of RICH CREAMY COCKTAILS before any DECENT MEAL Being more or less of a meal in itself, this sort of rich creamy drink cannot whet or build appetite. For this reason it really should be served on other occasions than immediately preceding a notable dinner. This applies to Pink Ladies, Alexanders, and all their nourishing kin. THE AUNT EMILY, a CREATION of SLOPPY JoE's, in HAVANA, YEARS before His SPOT GoT to BE a SoRT of HALF WAY HousE for EVERY ITINERANT AMERICAN on the IsLAND Try and use good aged Calvados-fine French apple brandy-for best results in this creation,-not the usual, fairly new applejack. We have found under these improved conditions that it is a memorable cocktail well worthy of notation.... Mix Yz jigger each apple brandy, dry gin, dry apricot brandy, and orange juice. Add r dash

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