1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


iss-how shall I say eet?-'food, dreenk, and lodging,' all at zee same tam!" ... True, ma soeur, true! TIGER'S MILK No. II, from the BAR BooK of a TINY SMILING ANNA– MESE BAR-BoY at the PHYA-THAI PALACE, BANGKOK, SIAM, in the YEAR 1932 . . . TIGER's MILK No. III is on PAGE 90 We had come in from a day around town-looking at a sleeping Buddha 90 feet or so long, at temples and wats searching upward to the sun; at Wat Arun, gleaming with porcelain insets, brilliant butter– fly-hued tiles, at the temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Wat Phra– Keo, with the sacred Gautama himself carved from a single emerald so runneth the tale-but green jasper to us-some 60 centimeters high, and with 3 changes of jewel and gold cloth clothing, to keep him comfortable during the rainy, the cold and the hot seasons. We were wearied of Buddha and Yagas, or guardian demons; we were tired of sightseeing altogether and wanted to rest and relax before going to the Royal Dancers in the-of all ideas!-Roman Garden of the Phya– Thai Palace that gala night. We wanted something to forget our weary insteps, or sun-toasted eyeballs, before freshening up and chang– ing for evening. We asked, through an inte.r.preter of sorts, if the bar– boy might have anything possible to make a Tiger's Milk. The answer was that, evidently, the Gerber-Seaholm idea had penetrated there too, authorized by some hardy and -careless soul like ourself with medical knowledge enough to realize that enough alcohol will strangle the microbes even in Siamese milk and cream-which is a chancey statement we might say. The Bacardi lends a typical British modification, a twist. . . . Old brandy l Yz jiggers, Bacardi Gold Seal the same; Yz cup each of thick cream and milk, then sweeten to taste. Shake vigorously for at least Yz minute with big lumps of ice and serve in a goblet. Dust w:;? nutmeg, or ground mace, or cinnamon. THE IMPROVED TURF COCKTAIL No. I, a MoDIFICATION of OuR OWN from DmTY DrcK's" NAssAu, B.1., 1937 We first sampled this drink in Nassau quite some time back, hav- 1 ing flown over Pan-American Airways, after the official tourist season

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