1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


was finished, with a 6-year bride and 4 friends, to do a bit of sailing and swimming and basking on undiscovered white sand beaches by vitriol blue coral water that is clearer than anywhere else in the whole universe. A gentleman of colour suggested this as a dry, appetizing taste-thrill at Dirty Dick's, and found it to be merely Holland gin and vermouth-nothing else except Angostura-in a 2 to r ratio. . . . After a bit of later experimentation on self and friends we discovered that addition of Yz a green lime-strained juice-and Yz tsp of grena– dine or bar sugar works miracles with this drink. TURF COCKTAIL No. II, from the TAJ MAHAL HoTEL, on APoLLO BUNDA R, in BoMBAY, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, 1931, to BE ExAcr; SERVED after the RuNNING of the MAHARAJAH of RAJPIPLA GoLD CuP at the WESTERN INDIATuRF CLUB, LTD. We had won all of sixty-seven rupees on this gold-cup, 23,000-rupees race, and were feeling very horsy and turfy, and tired of the eternal chotapegs-jyst plain Scotch and not-too-cold soda, without ice, of the last few days-and were open for suggestions. G. J. Mack, local Manager for General Motors Export, suggested a Turf Cocktail, of a recognized mix, and after a barrage of Hindustani this resulted, much to everyone's amazement: r jigger of dry gin, I pony of French ver– mouth, r tsp of absinthe, or Pernod Veritas; donate r tsp of mara– schino and a dash of orange or Abbots bitters. Stir in a bar glass like a Martini and serve in a Manhattan glass, ungarnished. TURF COCKTAIL No. III, from the HAVANA CouNTRY CwB, WINTER of 19 3 0 This is virtually the same as No. II, only using old Tom gin for a base, orange bitters, and everything else the same. THE VIRGIN'S PRAYER, a MEMORY from VERSAILLES, in the SUMMER of 1926 That summer when we were living in Paris, we met many people across the street from our own domicile, in Harry's American Bar– already a happy memory to countless Americans. And one night we

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